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International Meeting on Cholinesterases and Paraxonases
    03.03.2015 - 03.03.2015

    Georgian ambassador will talk with students about the current situation in the post-Soviet countries

    Zaal Gogsadze, the ambassador of Georgia in the Czech Republic, will debate with students of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Hradec Králové about the Russian-Georgian mutual relations as well as other political issues of his country in the light of the current international situation.

    Important speaker who can offer a unique insight on events in the post-Soviet space will talk to students of the political sciences on Tuesday 3 March 2015. "Russia's current strategy in Ukraine was tested in two Georgian territories by Russia in 2008. Georgian experience can therefore help to explain the aims and tactics of the Putin’s regime in the context of the current Ukrainian crisis," explains the importance of this debate Karel Kouba, vice-dean and political scientist at the Philosophical Faculty.

    Lecture and subsequent debate, which will be conducted in English, will start at 15.45 in the classroom B10 in building of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Hradec Králové (náměstí Svobody 331). All visitors, both students and the general public are welcome.

    Mgr. Lenka Kašparová, UHK Faculty of Arts, Communications dept., 493 332 217

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