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    Minister of Justice Robert Pelikan agreed with Professor Dagmar Císařová on her engagement at the head of the working committee for the new Criminal Procedure Code. "I greatly appreciate the fact that Mrs. Professor Císařová, which ranks among the leading Czech lawyers in the field of criminal law, and for their exceptional quality is recognized by the professional legal community at home and abroad, accepted my offer to the leadership of recodification of criminal procedural law," said Minister .

    Dagmar Císařová commission takes the lead after Pavel Samal, who instead released after he was elected chairman of the Supreme Court. Prof. JUDr. Dagmar Císařová, MD. It is a significant Czech academically spread with remarkable technical focus not only on criminal law as such, but also its exact overlaps in various disciplines, eg. in the context of medical science.
    More than fifty years she worked at the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where she studied under the direction of many of today's leading experts on criminal law. In addition, at the same time she worked for the State and Law Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (1976 - 1986), Department of Social Medicine and Organization of Health (1987 - 1989) and the Faculty of Law at Palacky University in Olomouc (1993-1999). Since 2005 he also taught at the Department of Criminal Law of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic.

    Dagmar Císařová in the past was also a member of a number of professional bodies such as the legislative committee of the Ministry of Justice for criminal law as well (1992 - 2004), the College of former Justice Minister Vlasta Parkanova (1997 - 1998) or the Commission for the criminal law of the Czech Bar Association (1995 - 2005 ).

    The Commission for the new Criminal Procedure Code, which is now a professor Císařová lead, started its operations in March last year. It consists of experts from industry, ie. Judges, prosecutors, lawyers and representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and Police, and also from experts from academia. It is expected that the Commission will be following the arrival Dagmar Emperors personnel supplemented by other experts so that it can be in preparation for the best results possible, a modern and comprehensive Rules of Criminal Procedure. Professor Šámal as professor Císařová will participate in the work of the ministerial team.

    20. 5. 2015
    Press Department of the Ministry of Justice

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