25th Year of EDU Days Surpassed All Expectations

    In the last week of March the EDUcational days were being held. It was the 25th year and as always the date was set to correspond with the Teacher’s Day and with celebration of J. A. Comenius’s birthday. However, this year there was one more reason to celebrate. The 120th anniversary of the former building of Faculty of Education on the Svobody square, which is now used as a deanship.

    The dean doc. František Váníček introduced new motto First Lady of the UHK Faculties, which came from the historical fact that the Faculty of Education was the first faculty on the University of Hradec Králové.

    EDU days offered many different programs. Lectures, workshops, seminars, meetings, theatres and conferences. From 27th to 31st March there were more than 120 activities in all PdF buildings. The program was started by writer and reporter Stanislav Motl with catchy presentation of movies and commentary about his murder investigation. The main lecture on Wednesday 29th called The World of Children and Adolescents in Digital Media Era was led by well-known anchorman ČT Václav Moravec. He promised to attend next year too.

    Festive concert was held the same evening and it brought another novelty – awarding prizes and medals. The evening was moderated by Václav Moravec. Together with the dean PdF František Váníček and distinguished guests they awarded four prizes. Vice-chancellor of University of Hradec Králové Kamil Kuča awarded a prize for contribution in the science and research to doc. Tomáš Petráček. Count František Kinský awarded prize for art to prof. Jiří Skopal. Prize for contribution in the education field was awarded by vice-president of Senat of Czech Republic Miluše Horská to doc. Marta Faberová. The last prize for contribution in the field of internationalization was awarded by the director of Čro HK and Čro Pce Jiří Kánský to doc. Jana Ondráková. Subsequently five medals were awarded to personalities connected with current or historical PdF and with long-time contribution to faculty development. Among the awarded were prof. Marie Váňková, PhDr. Jurgen Beyer, doc. Luboš Klimeš, PhDr. Vojmír Srdečný and doc. Boris Titzl.

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