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Erasmus+ traineeship offer

Department of Archaeology, Philosophical faculty, offers Erasmus traineeships. The traineeships are available for students of Bachelor and Master level as well as for doctoral candidates. This opportunity is open for students registered in a university holding an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education. The traineeship must be relevant for student's degree-related learning and personal development needs and, wherever possible, be integrated in student's study programme.

Erasmus code of University of Hradec Králové: CZ HRADE01

Planned duration of traineeship period: at least 2 months, recommended 3 months.

Planned dates of traineeship period: from June 2017 till December 2017. Actually we are looking for trainees from September till November 2017.

Field excavation and documentation of archaeological situations on the extensive salvage excavation that precedes a highway construction (between Hradec Králové and Jaromer). The excavated section of highway runs through the area that was densely inhabited in since prehistory. It promises numerous and interesting archaeological finds.

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired
  • Acquire insights in an archaeological field work and basic skills conected with an archaeological excavation
  • Acquire an understanding of how to work in an international team
  • Improve communication, language and soft skills
Tasks of the trainee
  • Excavation of archaeological features

How to apply?
1. Please read all information on this webpage (including the section documents)
2. Fill in the application form (left part of this page) - attach all necessary documents
3. We consider your application (your field of study, experience, language skills)
4. We send you the invitation letter

After confirmation of your acceptance
1. Fill in the plan of your traineeship (please read the guidelines) - your Learning Agreement
2. Three sites confirm the LA - You, Your home university and University of Hradec Králové
3. pre-arrival preparation - insurance, language skills
4. arrival - at least 2 days before your start of traineeship
5. visit of international office
6. start of your work

Please feel free to contact martina.eliasova@uhk.cz  if you have any queries about the offer and/or the traineeships.

Contact details: Ms. Martina Eliášová,
telephone +420 493 331 212, email: martina.eliasova@uhk.cz


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