International students visited Rudolfinum Concert Hall

    Cultural Experience, Czech Parliament and Czech Philharmonic presenting Mozart´s Violin Concert No.5 in A major and Mahler´s Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor at Rudolfinum Concert Hall.

    In May 5th, nine international students were taken to one of the most enriching cultural experience that the City of Prague can offer. I had the great opportunity to be part of those students.

    We arrived to the parliment around 3pm, and guided by PhDr. Ondřej Tikovský we could get into the House of Deputies, Professor Tikovský explained us the history behind the walls of that impressive and wonderful room with most of the elements on the paintings and symbols, he also told us how the room was divided and the functioning of the chamber. He took us in a historic journey around the whole building and gave us very useful information material to know more about the politics in the Czech Republic. 

    After walking and learning in the building, professor Tikovský gave us the opportunity to write something in our own laguage in a very historic book, where there was the singature of President Masaryk, I couldn´t feel more honored, and grateful for the begining of the experience. 

    We had something to eat and the we went to one of the most amazing concert halls I have ever seen, Rudolfinum Concert Hall, an historical and wonderful coumpound of arts, the one where Antonín Dvořák played his viola many years ago. I couldn´t take my eyes of every single part of the wonderful structures, every architectonic element, perfectly matching the feeling of something magestic. But the hall was only the perfect place for the magic that we experienced when the Philarmonic started its performance. 

    They started with the simple, joyful and clear Mozart´s Violin concert, the sound was perfect, but the performers, they are incredible artists, the main violinist showed so much passion and perfection on his interpretation, I could feel the magic of this concert.

    Then when the full Philharmonic appeared to play the Mahler Simphony and it was just ethereal, I have no other word to describe such amazing experience, the Simphoney felt like a life journey, full of emotions, I could feel the anger, the courage, the sadness, the love, the joy, the victory in one master piece.

    After the concert finished I just felt that it was one of the best days of my entire life. 

    I am very grateful to the faculty, to the people of the international relations office, who gave me this great opportunity and of course to Professor Tikovský who took us through this incredible places with all the explanations. 

    Alinne Samanta Barrera Tellez
    Mexican Internship student at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové

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