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Colombian students of summer school and international trainees in Kuks
Inauguration of the dean of Philosophical Faculty
Inauguration of the dean of Philosophical Faculty
From the Researchers´ Night 2016

    International students skiing with the dean of Philosophical Faculty

    For the first time in their lives international students from the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Hradec Králové went skiing. Look at the photos of our students from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Nicaragua, Slovenia and Venezuela learning how to ski with the dean of the faculty.

    It was an amazing experience for them. What did Carlos from Nicaragua, Kevin from Bolivia and José from Venezuela said about the skiing trip? 

    Carlos Adrian Rojas Roque 
    Practice skiing for the first time was awesome! First, the snow was ok because it was kind of fluffy, perfect for beginners. Then the instructors who teach us the basic principles of skiing were really patient and full of joyfulness. As a consequence, the learning process becomes the perfect occasion to share, laugh and stay chill with the university´s staff.

    The memories of that day will be with us for long time, especially for those who never have been in contact with the snow, like me, because in Nicaragua practice skiing is like a privilege, just a handful of persons can do that. For that reason, in my country skiing is seen as an amazing and captivating sport, especially for the young people.

    Kevin Gutierrez 
    When I was a kid I used to see people in TV skiing and I knew that it was a sport that I have always wanted to try but as I live in a city where there is neither snow nor the chance to practice it, I had never done it.
    At the age of 21 and one week ago for the first time in my life I went to ski. The profesors and authorities of our faculty took us to the mountain to enjoy a day with them and learn to ski.
    At the begginning  we could not even stand, it was really funny to see each other falling and falling all the time.But after a while and with a lot of help we managed to learn to ski a little bit. So they decided to take us to another mountain and that was really scary. It was a huge mountain and coming down was really scary. 
    To finish, I need to say that it was a one of the best days of my life, I really appreciate the Faculty’s willingness to do these kind of activities with the foreign students and also their patience to teach us.

    José Valladares

    For me living in Hradec Králové has been an amazing experience, because I had the opportunity to see snow for the first time during days. In my country, we don’t have snow so I felt very enthusiastic the first time that I saw snow.

    I had the opportunity to get an invitation from the university’s international office to go skiing, I didn’t doubt so I decided to go. We went by bus to the ski centrum called Zdobnice, it was the first time that I went to ski. When we arrived, I was very excited and with the desire to learn from our instructors.  

    First of all, we went to rent the ski equipment and then we went to the first hill to practice and learn basic stuffs. I had the best ski instructors because they told me how I will have to do each movement; it means how to turn left or right and how to stop me. I remembered I fall down several times, but I always get up to keep trying. It was so much fun and I am not going to forget when my instructors told me "great job". I felt proud because I was in the right way, then we move to a biggest hill in which we continue practicing and enjoying the day.

    It was one of the best experiences in my whole life, one of a kind and unforgettable. I don’t regret going there and if I had other opportunity to go there I will go. There are things you never forget! 

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