International Credit Mobility enriched a Ghanian student

    In the frame of the Erasmus plus programme, there is this specific one that allows our Philosophical faculty of the University of Hradec Králové to host students from Latin America (Bolivia and Nicaragua) and Africa (Ghana). International Credit Mobility.

    Not only students from these countries can come, but our students can also travel and study in those places. All students involved in this programme have a very good scholarship.

    We want to share with you the story of Angelica Yeboah, a student from Ghana who have had a big dream about studying in Europe. In her own words, this dream became true when her department postulated her on this great Erasmus program in our university.

    Apart of studying she got the opportunity to try skiing in the Czech mountains, present her national cuisine during Spring students festival Majáles or visit Rudolfinum Concert hall while the last concert of a world known conductor Jiří Bělohlávek.

    Just like Angelica, we have many stories about how the life of the students, who have participated in this programme, has changed. Here you can find more information about the programme.

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