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Czech language and culture course for international students takes place at the University of Hradec Králové in the city called Hradec Králové.

Study at the University of Hradec Králové!
Meet the dynamic and youthful environment of the University of Hradec Králové – an institution founded in 1959 that has borne its name since the year 2000. More than 6.000 students of the university can choose from dozens of study programs consisting of almost one hundred study disciplines.

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The University of Hradec Králové comprise of four units: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Philosophical Faculty and Faculty of Science. Each year more than one hundred international students become part of an inspiring multicultural environment.

The University of Hradec Králové is located in a lively student city with beautiful architecture, two rivers, many parks and perfect conditions for cycling and swimming. Many theatre and music festivals are held here throughout the whole year. It is situated in the middle of Europe - only 100 kilometers east of Prague and one-hour drive from the mountains.

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Accommodation for students

Students of the course can stay in a dormitory approx. 10 minutes from the University and next to the University Canteen. The price is circa 3.000 CZK for a month. You can find more information and pictures here
Enjoy the Czech Republic!
The Czech Republic is favorably situated at the centre of Europe, so it is very easy to get here from anywhere. No matter what kind of transport you choose, you will probably arrive in Prague first. Hradec Králové lies only about 100 kilometers eastwards, so getting to this city from the capital (airport, train or bus stations) never takes longer than two hours.

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Why study in the Czech Republic? 

1. Because it offers a free education at public universities!
Studying in the Czech Republic has a significant advantage - it can be free of charge, for those wishing to get a degree from any public Czech university, i.e. for those who study in the Czech language.
2. Because of high quality of education
Today, diplomas from Czech universities are highly rated in the world, along with English and American ones, and are recognized in every country of the European Union.
3. Because of the ability to travel throughout the European Union
The Czech Republic is a full member of the EU, and in 2007 joined the Schengen area, which allows students to move around without a visa to all countries of the Schengen agreement.
4. Because of the prospect for a successful career in the European companies
After the graduation, foreign students equally with the Czech citizens can get a job in public as well as in private institutions and companies. 
5. Because of the high quality of European life and low prices
Due to its political and economic openness, the Czech Republic today is one of the most developed countries of Central Europe. Living standard is comparable to Western Europe but prices of food, accommodation and goods are much lower.
6. Fast adaptation of foreign students in the Czech environment 
Nowadays the Czech Republic is a multicultural and open country where the majority of citizens can speak at least English.  

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