Erasmus +

Call for Erasmus+ nominations for the autumn/winter term of the academic year 2017/2018: DEADLINE: 31 May 2017



Student who would like to participate in the study stay at the Faculty of Education, within the Erasmus + Programme has to be officially nominated by sending institution at first.

Only student from partner institutions could be accepted (see the list of bilateral agreements).


Students are strictly obliged to keep our deadlines for applying.

WINTER TERM:                                                              31 May

SUMMER TERM:                                                             30 November

Winter term: 25/09/2017-22/12/2017

(examination period: 02/01/2018-02/02/2018, Christmas holidays break 23/12-01/01)

11/09/2017-17/09/2017: Accommodating of incoming students

18/09/2017-22/09/2017: Orientation week for incoming students

Summer term: 05/02/2018-03/05/2018

(examination period: 06/05/2018-30/06/2018)

22/01/2018-28/01/2018: Accommodating of incoming students

29/01/2018-02/02/2018: Orientation week for incoming students

APPLICATION DOCUMENTS (to be filled-in):

All these forms are to be found in the attachments below this page.

Erasmus + Student Application Form

Erasmus + Housing Application Form

Erasmus + Learning Agreement for studies/Learning agreement for traineeship*/**  

UHK Student Card Application

*Students choose the courses from the List of courses which you find in the attachment.
Some courses are obligatory/core+choice of modules.
All are taught in English, partly in German, French and Russian, when appropriate.

Students could also choose courses from other faculties of the UHK (see the Course Catalogue 2017/2018), however,
at least 75% of courses/credits must be enrolled at the receiving faculty, so that Faculty of Education!

**Students from Slovakia are recommended to choose the courses which are taught in Czech.
They could be found at the webpage:

Obligatory enclosures:

Transcript of records (a list of modules you have studied at your home university)

2 photos ( 3,5 x 4,5cm-passport format)

A copy of your Passport Identification Page (or Citizenship Identification Card)

A copy of your European Health Insurance Card

Only original documents (sent by post or by email in colour-scanned print) will be accepted.

If documents are handwritten and/or incomplete, you will be asked for correction or completation,

it may cause a delay in enrolment/application procedure, or even refusal.

Once the student has successfully completed the application procedure, she/he will receive a Letter of Acceptance, as well duly confirmed application form and approved learning agreement.

All documents must be sent to the address of the International Relations office:

Ing. Petra Noskova, University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Education, International Relations Office, Rokitanskeho 62, 500 03 Hradec Kralove, the Czech Republic,
and/or to the email:


We provide accommodation for students at the UHK student dormitory.

Student is obliged to fill-in the housing application form and send it in a due time with all application form.

Student stays in a double or triple room in a two-room flat with shared facilities(bathroom, kitchen)
The price is approximately 2800 CZK/month, that is around 110 EUR/month.
Student could also be accommodated in a private housing facility,
however, it is up to him/her to find and book it, we do not provide any list of these facilities.


All incoming students have possibility to “order” his buddy student, who will take care of him, who will help him with the first steps concerning his exchange stay (enrolment, pick up from the airport or railway/bus station, accompaniment to the dormitory, to the alien police, arrangement of public transport card and other).

Student will also have opportunity to attend any of cultural or sport events and trips organized by buddy organization by registration to the UHK buddy system webpage.

A student from some Erasmus+ programme countries (e.g. Turkey) will have to apply for visa in order to obtain authorisation for his/her exchange study stay in the Czech Republic.

More information at:

If the study stay lasts more than 3 months, student has to apply for long-term visa, if the study stay lasts more than 6 months, student has to apply for long-term residence permit.
Do not forget to apply for visa/residence permit FOR the purpose of the STUDY (not turistic trip)



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